Anne-Marie Marron

I have worked parallel to top executives, and seen firsthand what drives a typical business leader.  I have led teams, cultures and clients through multiple types of transitions and times of conflict and chaos.  I served many years as a bridge assisting technical teams and executive teams to understand one another and create together.  I have supported numerous organizations to establish collaborative cultures, optimize operations and launch successful products and services.

I have a MBA and over 20 years of business experience in leadership roles such as Chief Operations Officer, Director of Operations, Systems Analyst, Project Manager, Executive Leadership Coach, Writer and a leader in creating integrity driven business cultures, including a multi-billion dollar health insurance provider.   I have participated in three start-up companies with others and have started my own business.

I have also experienced the chaos of a life spent out of alignment. After leaving my corporate life I encountered a long and mysterious illness.  During this time, I embarked on a self-discovery process to discover a different, deeper, and more authentic type of living.

Bridging Business Education & Experience with Intuitive Mind-Body Listening:

My diverse background has created a unique skill set that enables me to bridge the gap between pragmatic business strategies with self-awareness and a holistic approach to being a leader.

Bridging my business education and professional experience with many years of studying mindfulness, psychology, neuroscience and the human condition, I understand the powerful impact that self awareness has on our relationships, work and family/business systems. From my perspective, everyone is a leader and has the capacity to influence and ignite healthy change for themselves and our world.  The greatest gift we give our selves and offer to others is to become more aware and awake.

What I Bring to our Work Together:

I have experienced what many would label conventional success and yet I quickly learned that this path was not the gateway to freedom but rather to feeling isolated, trapped and burned-out.

After achieving everything on my list of ‘what will make me happy’ I was painfully disappointed to recognize that no idea of happiness was ever going to fulfill a deeper and relentless longing that drove me to keep seeking.  At the time, the best I could describe the experience was a desire to stop suffering.  I was hooked by overwhelm, striving, stress and a relentless schedule of doing.

As a fellow traveler, I accompany you through deep personal introspection as we investigate places that are hard to travel alone.  My role as a guide is to mindfully walk with you into the places that create exasperation, intolerable feelings and experiences.  When you can meet what you consciously or unconsciously avoid you open a door to all sorts of new possibilities.

I am personally committed to my own process of authenticity and healing and I extend my life experience, trainings and passion to support each of you to live a life in which you thrive and navigate the inevitable changes and obstacles that arise with trust and confidence.

In my personal and professional experiences, I have found that studying and clearing the painfully familiar cycles of suffering is what allows us to remove roadblocks that previously have inhibited our capacity to thrive at work, in personal relationships, community and in relationship to yourself and your spirit.

It’s a privilege to work with those of you who are interested in investigating your current life circumstances as opportunities for healing and a deeper resting into and trusting of your life.

Blending my Business and Healing Arts Experience:

I am professionally certified in multiple mind-body modalities, project management, conflict resolution, restorative justice conflict facilitation, HeartMath’s “Resilience Advantage Stress Reduction” training and I have been a long time mindfulness practitioner including meditation and other practices that support me to live an authentic life.

Whether I am facilitating a group session, designing and delivering an organizational retreat or exploring with an individual, I guide you to unlock keys to deeper embodiments of wisdom, clarity and integration.

For more on my credentials in the areas of business and the healing arts, please click here.





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