Authentic Leadership

Integrating Authenticity with Leadership and Business Practices

I see an authentic leader as a modern day pioneer.

It can feel lonely to be a pioneer.  In a time when many of us are engaged in deep personal transformation we often feel a disconnect as we integrate ‘who we are’ with ‘what we do’ for a living.

It requires tremendous courage to model conscious business practices in a time when many businesses operate through unconscious systems, behaviors and beliefs.  It’s compelling and transformational to offer our inner commitment to truth and integrity to inform the context of business.

I remember riding the train to work in Chicago and armoring up, compartmentalizing myself, before I swiped my badge at the security kiosk.  It was painful and the only option I thought I had.  As a guide who has lived, and is living, the territory I offer a  3-month immersion program for leaders and organizations to explore current challenges and opportunities.


~This is an opportunity to devote time and practice towards your impact and service in the world~

The Edge: We are in a time when many of us are engaged in deep personal transformation but we often feel a disconnect around how to integrate our authenticity with standard business practices and cultures.

This 3-month immersion is designed to guide leaders, teams and organizations to explore this edge. It’s compelling and transformational when we model and express, in business settings, an inner commitment to truth and integrity.

I invite leaders and organizations that are ready to go to the root of any chaotic systems or disconnect.  These leaders are:

  1. Are on a path leading with authenticity and integrity
  2. Demonstrate a high level of emotional intelligence
  3. Willing to see the truth because pretending is not an option anymore
  4. Practice resourcing deeper wisdom as their compass for decisions and movement


  • Establish clarity of strategic positioning, build systems of trust and aligned relationships
  • Bridge gaps that inhibit collaborative and co-creative cultures.
  • Build a road map to bring personal and organizational visions into action with a clear path to execute
  • Integrate living as an authentic leader at work, home and all aspects of one’s life
  • Define a clear operational foundation that support the strategic vision


  • A 60-minute initial consultation of goals and vision with each member of the leadership team
  • Individual interviews with key players of the team
  • A 360 feedback presentation to the leadership team: Includes a detailed report of themes, breakdowns, opportunities and feedback from the system, followed by a facilitated leadership team meeting to explore the feedback and create an action plan to address the key issues.
  • Bi-Weekly Individual 1-hour coaching sessions for 3 months for each participating member of the process. This is determined in the facilitated leadership feedback/action step session.
  • A mid-immersion facilitation process with leadership team to explore learnings, edges and celebrations
  • Customized Weekly Assignments for coaching clients
  • Email Support and Accountability Partner
  • Recorded mp3, if desired

True impact comes from engaging in an authentic discovery process of our personal beliefs and an organizational system’s propensity to create chaos and disconnection.

It requires tremendous courage to model and live conscious business practices when many organizations operate through unconscious systems, behaviors and beliefs.

My background in business and leadership began as an undergraduate intern for a leadership consulting firm in San Diego.  I eventually received my MBA and worked in leadership and consulting roles in Chicago.

My life unfolded in a very conventional sense until my first spiritual awakening.  From that point on I transitioned from business and the corporate world into an illness and quiet meditative mountain life.

Since that time I have participated in three start-up companies and built my own business.  I am a consultant, coach and facilitator of authenticity and truth. I understand the tension that builds when trying to meet expectations from the inside and outside while continuing to reference our internal compass and speak our truth.

I know the deep disappointment of experiencing how conventional business practices don’t always appear to support authenticity and integrity.  I also know the momentum and power that comes from a group who is willing to get honest about what is working and what is not.  This honesty lends to co-creative, expansive and powerful systems.

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