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Four Gateways to Unlock Suffering

What does it mean to be an integrated human? As humans we are incredibly resilient creatures with hearts, longings, fears, anxiety, perseverance and experiences of strong emotions and pain.  We are multi-faceted and complex and yet the path to our healing can be very simple. Simple in theory and yet the application may require us […]

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Anger…Suppress or Express?

Anger is something that everyone experiences, at one level or another, and it needs to be expressed to maintain emotional health and intimacy. Most people have a murky relationship with anger and how to express it in a way that isn’t hurtful to oneself or others. When we don’t learn that anger is a natural […]

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Facing Fear- The Courage to Swim Upstream

How does the journey of wild salmon reflect the path of living an authentic life? The journey of the salmon is one of the most amazing phenomena in nature.  How is it that after years in the sea, they can locate the exact stream in which they were born and pursue their upstream return home? […]

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Trapped in the System?

People are experiencing burn-out and feelings of uncertainty about how to break out of systems that don’t support their individuality, personal rhythm and unique genius. Burn-out occurs across the board from personal, work, family, community and global systems. Changing a system can feel like pouring honey on a winter camping trip – in its frozen […]

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Permission to Be ‘Messy’

Have you noticed that the experience of suffering is provoked when we don’t give ourselves, and others, permission to simply be where we are in any given moment before we swiftly demand clarity, decision-making, certainty or assert ourselves into fix-it and change-it mode? I’m curious about the propensity to avoid ‘messiness’ or ‘emotions’ that our […]

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Essential Happiness and Freedom

Have you longed for a particular relationship, job, creating a family or a spiritual realization only to discover that after achieving these things you’re still struggling; still not happy? You discover that these accomplishment themselves are not inherently the key to your deeper sense of happiness? There comes a point when the ‘games up’ and […]

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Human Heartbreak & Longing

Yesterday I was caught feeling the familiarity and stuckness of a well-worn cycle of longing.  This longing has yet to take shape in the practical world.  I see glimpses but I don’t abide in this place yet. How often do we sense a longing from deep within and find ourselves gently holding it like an […]

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Alone and Together: Ushering in a New World

I’m part of a team that has created a 501c3 nonprofit organization, to offer a community service called “Wisdom Labs“. What is a Wisdom Lab? In a Wisdom Lab we invite a ‘stakeholder’ to explore a personal or organizational vision or edge related to their expression in the world. This community laboratory provides an opportunity […]

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Falling in Love with ‘Potential’

Last night I was nourished by a home-cooked meal and the wisdom of a dear friend as he shared about his last relationship and the vision he set forth when it ended. Part of his vision was, ‘I want to be attracted to reality not the ‘potential’ of something or someone.’ This resonated deeply for […]

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Transitions: The Seeds of Grasping and Trusting

How do we respond to the uncertainties of life?  What happens when we find ourselves in the middle of a transition and we simply haven’t a clue what lies ahead? How do we respond to the parts of us that fear this great unknown and the parts of us that feel enlivened by the untapped […]

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Meeting Our Aloneness

  Have you noticed that loss, change and transitions invite the opportunity to drop the veils and get down and dirty with what is really important? Simultaneously, what do you notice about all the ways you try not to be where you are, embrace what you’re feeling or face what is in front of you? […]

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Building Trust and Confidence

“A leader is a decision maker”, rolls off the Colorado cowboy’s tongue as he began our puppy training class. During two hours of lectures and exercises I was continually struck by the parallel between his philosophy of building a relationship with animals through love, trust and respect and my view of the human’s journey to […]

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Prior to Judgment & Self-Doubt

Have you ever found yourself sensing that something or someone simply didn’t resonate with you but you bypass this information and listen to what you ‘should do or feel’ instead? This happens everyday.  Our mind can be as fast as a hummingbird. Hummingbirds move instantaneously in any direction at speeds of 25-30 mph and can […]

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Navigating the Threshold of “Becoming”

What does it mean when life, as you’ve known it, suddenly changes in a blink of an eye and you find yourself dropped into the desert and the unknown? Or maybe it happens so slowly that you wake up to realize everything in your life has been dying for months or maybe even years. However […]

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Discerning Wisdom from Insanity

“Just Rest…You Will Know When You Need to Know” I recently participated in a Hakomi weekend; a somatic based mindfulness-training. The message I received in the stillness and quieting of my mind was, “Just rest.  You will know when you need to know”. As my mind spun through the various scenarios in my life that […]

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Do Emotions Control or Inform You?

Anxiety and fear are common emotions many of us experience in response to our life circumstances and the uncertainty of transitions and decision points. These emotional states can feel disorienting and we may find ourselves acting out in behaviors or activities that are not healthy or supportive. When we don’t embrace these emotions directly they […]

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“Self Improvement Campaign” Addiction

…I want to know If you are prepared to live in the world with its harsh need to change you; If you can look back with firm eyes saying “this is where I stand.”… ~David Whyte For much of my life I was caught in the web of what I call, ‘The Self-Improvement Campaign’. This […]

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‘Whac-A-Mole’, a Mirror of the Conditioned Mind!

What does it feel like when you push away what’s true for you, or find it difficult to connect to a deeper part of you? Maybe you don’t want to jeopardize a relationship when you feel you need to stay connected, even when there isn’t a deeper alignment with your integrity, vision or how they […]

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