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Anger…Suppress or Express?

Anger is something that everyone experiences, at one level or another, and it needs to be expressed to maintain emotional health and intimacy. Most people have a murky relationship with anger and how to express it in a way that isn’t hurtful to oneself or others. When we don’t learn that anger is a natural […]

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Meeting Our Aloneness

  Have you noticed that loss, change and transitions invite the opportunity to drop the veils and get down and dirty with what is really important? Simultaneously, what do you notice about all the ways you try not to be where you are, embrace what you’re feeling or face what is in front of you? […]

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Restoring Justice From the Inside-Out

What is Restorative Justice? I am a volunteer facilitator for a process called, Restorative Justice. The roots of this process come from the lineage of tribal cultures and the practice of ‘council meetings’.  On the surface, the intent is to provide an alternative to the criminal justice system, however, it’s laced with the profound impact […]

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‘Whac-A-Mole’, a Mirror of the Conditioned Mind!

What does it feel like when you push away what’s true for you, or find it difficult to connect to a deeper part of you? Maybe you don’t want to jeopardize a relationship when you feel you need to stay connected, even when there isn’t a deeper alignment with your integrity, vision or how they […]

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What is at risk in speaking your truth?

How will inviting conscious conversations into your life create more authenticity and joy? Whether we look through the view of building a conscious business, intimate relationships or spiritual transformation, one of the basic tenets for living an authentic life is through allowing our immediate experience and life to be our teacher. It begins with understanding […]

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