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Facing Fear- The Courage to Swim Upstream

How does the journey of wild salmon reflect the path of living an authentic life? The journey of the salmon is one of the most amazing phenomena in nature.  How is it that after years in the sea, they can locate the exact stream in which they were born and pursue their upstream return home? […]

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Transitions: The Seeds of Grasping and Trusting

How do we respond to the uncertainties of life?  What happens when we find ourselves in the middle of a transition and we simply haven’t a clue what lies ahead? How do we respond to the parts of us that fear this great unknown and the parts of us that feel enlivened by the untapped […]

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Meeting Our Aloneness

  Have you noticed that loss, change and transitions invite the opportunity to drop the veils and get down and dirty with what is really important? Simultaneously, what do you notice about all the ways you try not to be where you are, embrace what you’re feeling or face what is in front of you? […]

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How To Lead As A Samurai

To travel the terrain of an authentic leader requires a level of listening, witnessing and an open-heart similar to that of a Samurai. The unwritten Samurai code of conduct, is known as Bushido. The Bushido code holds that the true warrior must possess loyalty, courage, veracity, compassion, and honor as important, above all else.   The […]

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