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Immersion Program: Unearthing and Transforming the Root Patterns that Create Anxiety and Keep You Feeling Stuck

4-Week Immersion Program: “Unearthing and Transforming the Root Patterns that Create Anxiety and Keep You Feeling Stuck.” THE IMMERSION: How would life be different if you are able to reveal the common threads of your core patterns and begin to use this information to make new choices? Have you heard yourself say, ‘I am tired […]

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Is Coaching For You? Offering Initial Complimentary Session

Revealing Wisdom’s Mission: I support people to connect to aspects of themselves or their lives that they judge or reject, consciously or unconsciously. This includes every day life experiences and the mirrors reflected through relationships, work, family or health issues. The results are greater presence, awareness, trust of self & others, inner peace and a […]

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Authentic Leadership Guidance

There is a leadership paradigm emerging that calls upon each one of us to muster the courage to bring all of who we are into everything we do; the brilliant parts, the messy parts, the aspects we hide and the traits we feel most proud of.  In fact, it’s a requirement for the changes in […]

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Welcome to Revealing Wisdom

Welcome to Revealing Wisdom! It has taken me years to be clear about my true passion and to build a business doing what I LOVE.   Since 2003, when I left my corporate career, I have been challenging many assumptions I’ve had about all the aspects of my life.  I have been asking myself, “Can I […]

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Business Consulting & Leadership Coaching

I provide leaders, and groups, with an in-depth analysis of your key goals, strategic direction, current obstacles and the overall health of your business culture. An Integrative Overview: I offer a blend of consulting, coaching and counsel to guide you through a deeper introspection into your vision and the sources of challenges you personally face […]

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Conflict Resolution

As a neutral guide I help you to navigate difficult conversations and conflict between you and your business partners, intimate partner, teams, work cultures and communities. Those who come to me are invested in moving from conflict and confusion into resolution and cooperative solutions. It’s natural, and often painful, for conflicting needs, expectations and agendas […]

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Mind-Body Integrative Counsel

Mind-body ‘counsel’ supports self-discovery through accessing blind spots, habitual patterns, thoughts, beliefs and emotions that reside within and outside of the conscious mind.  I listen to and communicate with your innate intelligence and wisdom from the levels of your mind, physical body, emotions and spirit. In a process that is both therapeutic and pragmatic, I […]

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