Partnerships & Projects

Institute of HeartMath: Trainer/Facilitator, “The Resilience Advantage™” training program

The Resilience Advantage™ program focuses on stress reduction and how to cultivate a sense of ease, peace and joy in our lives despite how chaotic and disorienting life may appear on the outside.  Based on the principles of over twenty years of scientific research in neurocardiology the institute continues to expand upon the discovery that the heart is a brain sending more messages to the cognitive brain than visa versa.  The heart’s communicates with the cognitive brain can directly impact our well being, our capacity to respond to challenges in our lives and avoid the growing concerns of adrenal fatigue and burn out.

The program focuses on emotional reactivity, our largest energy drain, providing tools to support a life of coherence, wherein our mind, body, emotions and spirit are firing on all cylinders resulting in a high quality of health, love, sense of belonging, focus, creativity and intuitively guided businesses and life decisions. For a video from the Institute of HeartMath click, The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence

Restorative Justice: Facilitator

I am a facilitator for Restorative Justice, This process is based on indigenous people’s perspective and way of living; asserting that when one person in the ‘tribe’ is sick or suffering then everyone is a participant in the creation and the healing of this fracture of struggle. I find this model of restoration very complimentary to the movement of collaborative leadership, authentic business practices and one’s own path of self-acceptance.

Hakomi: Body-Centered Therapist

I am currently engaged in a Hakomi certification, and I continue to be in awe of the body’s remarkable form of communication and guidance.  My passion is to drawn from client’s innate wisdom through the lens of neurobiology, psychology and mindfulness to reveal the core pattern or shadow that drives them to repeat circumstances and experiences that feel limiting and painful.

Gold Lake Institute-Wisdom Labs: Facilitator & Wisdom Lab Co-Founder

I am a facilitator and part of a core team of eleven people creating and exploring a community service called, Wisdom Labs,

In a Wisdom Lab we join together, 15-20 people, to serve a ‘stakeholder’ who brings a specific challenge, vision or insight related to their personal mission of service.  The issue can be related to their leadership in an organization or family; how to find their authentic passion and purpose; or a vision to serve humanities evolution through a project or community service.  Together we practice quieting the ego driven mind and impulses as we join together in a ‘wisdom field’ that taps into deeper communication with our higher self to call forth extraordinary guidance and insights that emerge through catalyzing each others capacity to tap into a greater power than just the intellectual mind.

Authentic Leadership Program, Naropa University, Coach

In 2004, I had the privilege to attend the Authentic Leadership Certificate Program at Naropa University, created and founded by, Susan Skjei,  It is a masterpiece of bridging conversations about living authentically and applying this to our personal and professional lives. I annually coach participants through the 5-month program.


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