I guide individuals and groups to connect, reveal their clarity and act with authenticity and purpose.

Business Consulting & Leadership Coaching, wherein I support you to design a customized and aligned road map that supports an integration of who you are with what you do in the world.  This process provides practical forward movement based upon the expression of your wisdom and authenticity.  I support the design and execution of this road map as an accountability partner and guide.  I support you to return to the source of your inspiration so the tasks and outcomes remain aligned. I facilitate teams and leaders to optimize business practices, models and organizational cultures.

Conflict Resolution, wherein, as a neutral and compassionate guide, I support you to navigate difficult communication and conflict between you and your business partners, intimate relationships, work cultures and community.

Mind-Body Integrative Counsel, wherein we work one-on-one in a nurturing and safe environment to explore your personal story, patterns of suffering and deep desires.  If desired, this includes bodywork or shamanic practices of soul retrieval and clearing patterns that have limited your full authentic expression.



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