Lucy “Anne-Marie has an extraordinary gift of insightful perception. She openly listens
and intuitively has the ability to reflect back with amazing awareness. Her heartfelt compassion and perceptive words of wisdom have been key elements in helping me to define underlying beliefs or patterns presently operating within my consciousness. Having the opportunity to work with and be guided by Anne-Marie on this portion of my journey in life has truly been a gift in immense gratitude.” Cathy Thomsen, Los Angeles, California

“Anne-Marie is caring, sensitive and has the rare gift of designing her personal and professional life to “walk her talk” and express her authentic self.
In her work with organizations and cultures she values the integration of People, Process, Systems and Task/Project Management.
Her big heart, values, integrity and deep desire to contribute to those she serves makes her a valuable asset for any team or community.” Greg Cortopassi, Founder/President, Launch Your Dreams, Boulder, Colorado


“Anne-Marie, the cornerstone of working with you is your ruthless love, the depth of your being and the space you create in session. As you bring your full self to bear on my life, I feel held, supported and empowered to find my truth.
Your naming of what is present, your offer to meet me, clarify and organize what is discovered, empowers me to live a deeper truth rather than just think or talk about it.
Your gift is your presence, your offer of your total self, in service – illuminating what is… calling us forth in ways words alone cannot convey. The truth is self-evident. Your presence IS the portal which allows me to connect to the space in which clarity arises, love is felt – truth is seen.” Darrel Sonday, Boulder, Colorado, www.inarticulatejoy.blogspot.com

“I am new to the area and a friend referred me to Anne-Marie. As we interacted, I was struck by the depth and accuracy of her intuition and how well she wove in her equally strong business acumen.
She is perceptive, analytical and excels at helping you find your way – however deep and dark the woods may be. I highly recommend Anne-Marie as a business and/or life coach.”
Trish Manthey, Boulder, Colorado


“Working with Anne-Marie is one of the highlights of my week. The space she holds is full of everything I need: a completely nourishing sense of safety; unlimited, unrestricted permission to explore and express; a space which just naturally generates insight, a deep sense of being known, and playful connection galore.
Finally, I would like to thank the ingenious people who created Skype, allowing us to meet face to face each week even though we live thousands of miles apart.”
Elloa Barbour, Shoreham-by-Sea, East Sussex, England


Brian“Anne-Marie supports me in my journey with conscious leadership. Her insights and guidance are clear and impactful.
I’ve been life coaching for years and even with my toolset I miss important lessons in my life that she is able to reveal.
Brian Tsuchiya, CEO, StartUp Guru, Boulder, Colorado, www.startupguru.com



“I would like to thank you for everything you have helped me accomplish. My life has significantly changed as a result of your coaching. I see all the good things that I can do and I am truly happy.
Life is so much easier when I know that everything I want is coming, so I can relax, keep doing what I have been doing and trust that I will be okay. I truly appreciate the future that you have helped me realize.
I want you to know that you are an incredible teacher and mentor and your coaching has changed my life. I know your goal is to make an impact on other people’s lives, and your coaching and help had changed mine. Myles H. Smith, Atlanta, Georgia




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