Business Consulting & Leadership Coaching

I provide leaders, and groups, with an in-depth analysis of your key goals, strategic direction, current obstacles and the overall health of your business culture.

An Integrative Overview:

I offer a blend of consulting, coaching and counsel to guide you through a deeper introspection into your vision and the sources of challenges you personally face as well as the system (business, family, partnership) you operate in.

I guide leaders to move beyond an exclusive reliance upon your cognitive intelligence in order to draw from the intelligence and wisdom that includes and expands beyond your intellectual cognition.

For example, science has proven that we have a brain in our heart that sends more messages to the cognitive brain than visa versa and is responsible for assisting us in regulating our stress reactions and emotional highs and lows.  We have an interic nervous system in our abdomen that is responsible for communicating ‘gut feelings.  We each have additional unique access points to our intuitive guidance from which insight and clarity emerge.

There is a growing movement of awakening happening on the planet, which is birthing a new paradigm of leadership through presence-directed power and integrity.  This movement is catalyzing a collective growing desire for leaders who are poised to bring a wholehearted approach to every aspect of their lives.  These leaders model a way of being in power that inspires and fosters connection, creativity and sustainable innovations.

An Integrative Approach:

Through the combination of business consulting and executive coaching we create a Road Map Strategy and Implementation Plan that supports your leadership vision, lifestyle and deeper values. I incorporate Personal Counseling, when appropriate, to examine blind spots and support you to remove any obstacles inhibiting you from moving forward.

Road Map Strategy: This customized Road Map captures your short and long term vision into mind maps and clarity of direction.  I provide strategic coaching guidance to establish the road map, milestones and process.

Implementation Plan: The Implementation Plan outlines your steps toward achieving the vision in a way that supports focus and a precision with time management so you can witness the fruits of your labor.

Personal Counseling: To lead authentically, and to be of greatest service, we need to see our blind spots.  We all have them and it’s essential to establish safety and a willingness to have them reflected back to us so that we can fully express our brilliance. It takes great courage to investigate these experiences and to understand that our power to lead and feel true satisfaction is in our vulnerability and authenticity.

My approach through ‘counsel’ is to meet these conditioned aspects of ego-protection directly with you in order to free them from interrupting the process over and over again down the road. Integrating emotional-mind-body counseling with your business and creative projects will allow you to engage in a sustainable, innovative and emergent way.

When any one of us makes a commitment to devote ourselves to something we value it’s not uncommon to experience anxiety, fear, and questions of, ‘Am I good enough, smart enough, dedicated enough, what if I fail?’ and so on. Change can be challenging and my role is to help you to define a strategy and implementation plan that minimizes overwhelm and maximizes your desired personal transformation and business results.

Integrative Application:

The application of this approach covers a large breadth of possibility based upon your needs and desires. A few examples are:

  1. Redesign a current business or project: Together we investigate both the internal and external roadblocks to redesign a process that catalyzes your vision and desired results.
  2. Start a new business or project: I guide you to design a road map to set the foundation for a solid platform to launch your business or project.
  3. Lead from your inner authority: Transform ego-strategies that hold you back from your fullest potential and your embodied awakening.
  4. Refine your leadership capacity: Unlock access points to your wisdom and capacity to lead through the unknown, with trust, integrity and power. Assist you to reveal the blind spots that limit you from accessing and expressing your fullest range of wisdom and power.
  5. Lead through conflict to create shared resolution: Empower you to create change and connection by addressing the conflict inside yourself or with partnerships/teams.
  6. Build a sustainable business culture: I support you to build wisdom-led cultures that empower each individual to contribute their unique expressions of wisdom and creativity for innovation and collective transformation.

Modern Day Jedi Warriors:

There is a growing movement of awakening happening on the planet, which is birthing a new paradigm of leadership with integrity driven power and presence.  This movement is catalyzing a growing desire in our culture for leaders who value guiding based upon accessing their whole being in addition to a strong intellect.

I am committed to this movement through supporting people and systems to value and integrate emotional intelligence, mindfulness-based action, neuroscience and authentic leadership.  I call these emerging leaders, “Modern Day Jedi’s”

Practical skills I provide in the area of Business Consulting & Coaching:

o Leadership Development
o Mediation & Conflict Resolution
o Strategic Visioning
o Operations & Efficient System Re-engineering
o Systems Analysis and Design
o Executive and Team Coaching
o Writing/Communication
o Project Management
o Succession Planning

Many leaders are looking for more balanced and sustainable business practices and a deeper connection to their authentic self.

My role is to help leaders access the wisdom within to experience more presence, peace and passion.  How we lead in one domain is often how we lead in others such as our relationship to our self, organizations, families, government and communities.  This approach is a cascading of transformation that includes business results and personal transformation.





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