Immersion Program: Unearthing and Transforming the Root Patterns that Create Anxiety and Keep You Feeling Stuck

4-Week Immersion Program:

“Unearthing and Transforming the Root Patterns that Create Anxiety and Keep You Feeling Stuck.”


  • How would life be different if you are able to reveal the common threads of your core patterns and begin to use this information to make new choices?
  • Have you heard yourself say, ‘I am tired of repeating this experience over and over again, why do I keep doing this?’

In this 4-week immersion we will focus directly on the core patterns that operate in your life.

We will specifically explore the unconscious patterns that create a sense of dissatisfaction, stress, overwhelm and frustration.
  We will look at the emotions, somatic responses, stories and beliefs that support your views and invite more of you to show up and participate in life rather than just these familiar strategies.

This process will allow you to support sustainable change through increasing your awareness of the fundamental patterns as well as your capacity to make new choices; especially when the emotions or experiences of uncertainty and indecision are high.

Explore one-on-one with me during a four-week immersion into core patterns and emotions.  This deep dive is designed to assist you in bringing more awareness into how you engage with your life.

I am offering this immersion in an individual format so each person can quickly deepen into their edges and vulnerabilities and receive focused attention to go to the root of what is most alive each week.

BENEFITS: What unfolds when we investigate and become acquainted with the various roadblocks that stem from ingrained patterns and beliefs?

  • Greater presence and awareness
  • Find laughter and ease in your own humanness
  • Decrease anxiety and stress
  • Experience less judgment of self and other
  • Develop greater confidence by accepting parts of yourself that you’ve rejected


  • One Weekly 60-Minute Individual Meeting: By telephone, skype or in-person for four weeks (sessions can be recorded on mp3, if you wish)
  • Primary Elements of Sessions: Meditation, check-in, focused intent, inquiry, harvesting and action steps for the week ahead
  • Customized Assignments: Assignments each week may include both internal inquiry and external action steps based on the clarity revealed in each session
  • Email Support and Accountability Partner: I will encourage you to stay focused and I will be available for email support between sessions

I have spent the last nine years deeply exploring the wisdom of how we as a human species evolve and survive.  I’ve tracked the way I’ve created strategies to keep my body, mind and heart ‘safe’.

What I’ve discovered in my life, and many of my clients’, is that these patterns were born to serve us.  For many of us, there comes a time when our viewfinder shifts.  We begin to see how the strategies that once helped us to survive are now keeping us stuck.

I began this personal journey because I wanted to feel more peaceful and to decrease my anxiety.  Initially, I tried many tools and methods to improve my circumstances and minimize the impact of these patterns.

I quickly learned that the only true path for me was to go to the root of the patterns and beliefs and begin a journey of cultivating more Presence and Awareness.

What unfolded has been the creation of a life that is authentic and allows all of me to show up to be received; even the painful and wounded parts.

In celebration of the journey to live an authentic life,


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    I am interested in the “Unearthing and Transforming the Root Patterns…”. What is the cost? I would prefer in person. I am in Santa Cruz, you are in Felton?


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