Is Coaching For You? Offering Initial Complimentary Session

Revealing Wisdom’s Mission:

I support people to connect to aspects of themselves or their lives that they judge or reject, consciously or unconsciously.

This includes every day life experiences and the mirrors reflected through relationships, work, family or health issues.

The results are greater presence, awareness, trust of self & others, inner peace and a deeper acceptance of one’s life.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of coaching?


I currently work with individuals, executives, entrepreneurs and partners.  Whether we look through the lens of business, intimate relationships or spiritual transformation, one of the basic tenets I guide people to explore is how to allow their immediate experience and life to be their teacher.

We investigate beliefs, thoughts, emotions and triggers as a gateway into expanding one’s capacity to be present and authentic. I serve as an accountability partner; guiding clients to stay focused and connected to ‘being’ while the fast pace of life and activities pulls them in multiple directions.

From an individual perspective: I offer an avenue of insightful exploration for people who desire a greater realization of their deeper self and want to bring this wisdom and ‘being’ into all that they do.

From a partnership perspective: I create an objective environment for partners, both business and intimate couples, who want to use the reflections and triggers of one another to further their growth, create greater trust and intimacy.

From a business perspective: I enjoy exploring all facets of leadership, communication, process and team building.  I facilitate the design of a supportive process that sets goals and an execution strategy that is in alignment with the overarching vision of a company.

Why can’t we use business as a spiritual practice?  It’s perfect material and a great opportunity to create thriving businesses while inviting greater consciousness into traditional norms and practices.

I’m all about challenging assumptions in every aspect of life!

The majority of the individual and partnership work I do is over the telephone or Skype, so clients can be located anywhere in the world!

Not sure what value coaching may offer you?

Sign up for an initial complimentary session…available through the month of September!

To register for a session: http://eepurl.com/K6YL

Stay tuned for upcoming tele-classes, videos and meditations!


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