Wisdom Labs

Wisdom Labs

In a Wisdom Lab I support you to gather a diverse group of 20-25 people to support you in the exploration of a question, edge, vision or important element of your service in the world.  As the stakeholder, you receive a preliminary coaching session with myself and another facililitator to clarify the focus of your lab, followed by a 2-hour Wisdom Lab and a post-lab integration and action oriented coaching session.

The purpose of the lab is to access and receive reflections and support from a collective field of wisdom.  All you need to do is show up, share your story, your vision and edge allowing the magic to collectively unfold.

A Wisdom Lab approaches the exploration with deep listening, an open mind and an open heart.  The invitation is to gather ideas, potential solutions and insights that emerge from a place of embodied wisdom rather than forcing anything to happen.

It’s a potent way to gain insight and clarity in a way that daily business meetings or conversations often overlook.

For more information visit, Gold Lake Institute~ Wisdom Labs

Please contact Anne-Marie for an initial consultation, or to customize a program for you or your group.



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