Authentic Leadership Guidance

There is a leadership paradigm emerging that calls upon each one of us to muster the courage to bring all of who we are into everything we do; the brilliant parts, the messy parts, the aspects we hide and the traits we feel most proud of

In fact, it’s a requirement for the changes in consciousness that are being called forth today that we expand our awareness to equally welcome our imperfect human behaviors and our divinely inspired expressions.

I work with leaders who want to lead with presence and to model the way of an integrated leader. I guide leaders to access a reservoir of wisdom and information that includes, and expands far beyond, our intellectual capacities.

Every action we take influences those around us. 

Every belief system we hold influences what we create.

A leader who knows how to access this innate wisdom for the fulfillment of their own lives and also encourages groups and systems to access this collectively.  The results of this approach are far reaching in areas such as human development, return on investment, employee satisfaction and building a sustainable and thriving culture; not to mention rich personal transformation, a deeper sense of satisfaction and reduction of stress.

Everyone is a leader, whether you are a high profile leader or an every day leader in your own business, family and community systems or personal life.


Most people come to me because:

⦿ They feel high levels of stress, maybe even health related issues, and they sense something else is possible but they don’t know how to get there and they want guidance and insight.

⦿ Their life has fallen apart, the way they’ve known it, and they are looking for a guide through the storm. And part of them may not even be sure if they are interested in rebuilding what is now crumbling. There is disorientation and exhaustion but also an alertness and readiness for healthy change.

⦿ They want to model a level of leadership that is in alignment with who they are and to inspire other people and systems to grow and evolve with them.

⦿ They are experiencing conflict with business or life partners and need to find an alternative approach before they burn out and lose connection with themselves and others.


Leading from the Inside-Out

Self-compassion and wielding a sword that cuts through illusion are our greatest tools as modern day leaders. No part of us can be left behind if we want to live an authentic life, lead with passion and purpose and know an inner peace despite the chaos that we encounter every day.

When we investigate both your personal obstacles with your external challenges in the areas of business, interpersonal relationships, family and community we yield an acceleration of growth and clarity. Looking both inside and outside helps access the innate wisdom of your being, your core value, purpose and the possibility for change.

Often times, addressing one area will effortlessly create a healthy shift in another area. I have seen many individuals and businesses become more successful when they have been able to explore the personal issues that contribute to the challenges.

Integrative leadership coach

Repeating Cycles of Challenges- ‘Is this happening again?’

No one enjoys repeating experiences of stress and conflict over and over again.  I support clients to move beyond the grip of the familiar patterns that create disconnection, overwhelm and a sense of feeling alone and separate.  The results are less stress, conflict, effort and exhaustion and more energy, flow and aligned results.

  • Do you repeat a similar pattern at work, in your intimate relationships or with yourself that leave you feeling alone, stressed, frustrated, angry, overwhelmed, misunderstood or depressed?

  • Do you experience conflict with your business partner, intimate partner, your team or community that doesn’t seem to resolve despite your best efforts?

  • Do you struggle with how to move your vision forward and into an motivating strategic road map and implementation plan?

I guide leaders out of struggle and into flow.  In each person’s unique way they remember how to live and lead more authentically in their personal and business roles.  From here, we design pragmatic and aligned road maps to take these leaders where they envision going and support them to take the journey.