Mind-Body Integrative Counsel

Mind-body ‘counsel’ supports self-discovery through accessing blind spots, habitual patterns, thoughts, beliefs and emotions that reside within and outside of the conscious mind.  I listen to and communicate with your innate intelligence and wisdom from the levels of your mind, physical body, emotions and spirit.

In a process that is both therapeutic and pragmatic, I provide a safe and nurturing platform for you to awaken to a higher level of personal consciousness. This process is beneficial if you are inspired to embrace your current life experiences and challenges as an opportunity to grow and live more authentically in your relationships and personal and professional life.

We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.’

— Joseph Campbell

This deep and internal exploration can feel scary to do alone.  I will guide you to engage directly with the places you fear, resist and avoid in order to free up the energy bound by the patterns that you have outgrown.

Mind-Body Integrative Counsel

Some areas where I provide guidance are:

⦿ Repeating a limiting and familiar patterns at work, in intimate relationships or with oneself that create a feeling of being alone, frustrated, angry, lonely or sad.Work, family or partnership transitions

⦿ Grieving the loss of someone or something very important to you Navigating uncertainty, fear, anxiety, doubt, worry, overwhelm, confusion and stress

⦿ Sluggish energy levels or you health issue that are not resolving with medical care

⦿ A deep desire to know your true self and express it with confidence Meeting the disorientation that comes when we start to investigate our lives at a deeper level. This disorientation is ultimately our gateway to deeper personal fulfillment and inner peace and can feel overwhelming to do alone.

Ego strategies are created at an early age to protect us and keep us safe; they were brilliant creations; however, later in life when the same strategies manifest in our adult life they often yield results that we no longer need.

Together we create the safety required to turn toward what has been scary and painful rather than turn away from it, yielding insights and clarity that naturally initiate self-trust and new ways of being.