Integrative leadership coaching

Integrative Leadership Coaching

An integrated leader is the biggest change agent on the planet.


To integrate is to unify separate things. With integrative leadership, we include all aspects of who we are.  

I work with leaders who want to lead with presence and to model the way of an integrated and adaptable open-hearted leadership. I guide leaders to access a reservoir of wisdom and information that includes, and expands far beyond, our intellectual capacities.

Integrative leadership includes three areas: how we connect to ourselves, how we connect with others, and how we contribute to the systems we are a part of.  Integrative leadership invites us to embody what we value as well as what we wish to create for ourselves and the people, places, and missions we're inspired to  serve. 

The process:

Coaching and transformation is by no means a linear process, however there are basics that build upon each level of remembering, expansion, growth and change.

Integrative coaching begins with an in-depth discovery process together to isolate your desired vision and current challenges to determine the approach that will leverage the growth and change you're seeking.

Integrative leadership coaching

Three Phases of Integrative Leadership Coaching:


⦿ PHASE 1: Leadership & Presence

⦿ PHASE 2: Power, Vulnerability & Relationship Skills

⦿ PHASE 3: Befriending the Shadows: Integrate Your Hidden Powers


PHASE 1:  Leadership & Presence:

1. self-awareness:

  • Cultivate your inner witness (presence) as your superpower of self knowledge and conscious choice

  • Express your genius & interrupt outdated beliefs and strategies

  • Make subconscious habitual strategies conscious so you have power to chose rather than react.  Conscious awareness, choice and new 1. action results in a flow of creativity, innovation, collaboration, compassion, energy and connection

  • Uncover your habitual patterns of chaos, struggle and feeling victimized

  • Learn how to map a trigger and build tools for self-regulation with stress

  • Embrace fears and challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles

  • Interrupt habits of spending energy on addictive behaviors

  • Express your most genuine self rather than who you think you should be

  • Embrace radical personal responsibility for your presence and impact

  • Loss of mojo: Sluggish energy levels, lack of passion, desire or chronic health issues that are not resolving with medical care

2. Emotional Intelligence:

  • Embrace how thoughts, emotions & belief systems define your personal reality

  • Discover how to train your mind and manage your emotions so that you aren’t tossed around by habits and defense patterns

  • Embrace the veils of shame that interfere with living an integrated life

  • Resolve inner conflict: Notice the thoughts and behaviors that indicate an inner split between your heart's knowing and intellectual protection.

  • Radical Self-Acceptance- Extend compassion for the inherent inadequacies and insecurities that come with being vulnerable & human

  • Navigate loss, which can be loss of a known role in life that has gone away, your sense of self, purpose, relationship, creative spark, passion or vision

  • Leverage the partnership of your mind-body connection to create what you most desire rather than live life from reactive fear-based imprints in your nervous system

  • Empathetic and relationship-based leadership rather than fear based

3. Reveal Your Wisdom Channels:

  • Explore descending from mind into heart, gut and ground of being

  • Re-discover your multidimensional self: expand beyond cognitive intellect and reason to include body sensations, emotional guidance, intuition, heart guidance, gut feelings, information that appear without thought or feeling

  • Trust yourself and your emergent wisdom

  • Reintroduce yourself to your body and wisdom through discipline and daily practices

  • Learn how to move from your whole body wisdom rather than fear based thoughts of scarcity, survival and not enough-ness

  • Refine your leadership capacity: Unlock access points to your wisdom and capacity to lead through the unknown, with trust, integrity and power

Conscious leadership coaching

PHASE 2: Power, Vulnerability & Relationship Skills

1. Power:

  • Establish healthy new power structures inside and out

  • Upgrade your Operating SystemUpgrade from reactive, defended and fear-based survival to open-hearted, creative-based thriving. Transform reactive-based strategies that hold you back from your fullest potential.

  • Understand power dynamics: Explore power in a safe and conscious container to reveal how you give or take power in relationships

  • Own your power: A deep desire to know your true self, claim your gifts, and express it with confidence

  • Empower others: See others beyond your projections and assumptions to draw upon their gifts and shadows. Accept and delegate your less refined skills to those who are hungry to offer their gifts to you and your organization

  • Explore the critical and controlling patterns that create conflict in your relationships and with yourself.

2. Vulnerability:

  • Understand your vulnerability as a key component of your superpower

  • Unearth your vulnerability channel and communicate it with power

  • Explore your relationship to needs, boundaries, rejection and disappointment

  • Boundary setting: Understanding your relationship to boundary setting (in your relationship with yourself and others)

3. Authentic Communication Skills:

  • Refine your communication & relationship skills (with yourself and others)

  • Relationship building skills to support connection to yourself and others

  • Learn how to have difficult conversations and be more skillful in how you communicate to foster connection rather than conflict

  • Lead through conflict to create shared resolution: Create change and connection by addressing the conflict inside yourself or with partnerships/teams

  • Celebrate and share appreciation from an embodied place

  • Navigation of needs & differences:

    • Own your power by asking for what you want even if your need can't be met. Stay with your disappointment and stay in connection

    • Pay attention to the impact your needs have on others and learn how to stay in connection when needs are different than each other

PHASE 3:  Befriending The Shadows: Integrate your hidden powers

Each one of us has hidden powers and
unique personal medicine (bitter and sweet)
to which we apprentice to and curate through
challenge, discipline and mastery
Authentic leadership coaching

The Evolutionary Call: We are invited to integrate and bring these gifts of light and shadow into the world to support the evolution of consciousness, connection, wisdom and integrated wholeness.

The Terrain: Wandering through the caves and landscapes of shadow integration is a primal and courageous path. It's not for the faint of heart. It requires our inner warrior and our gentle and most loving self. 

Owning How We Disconnect: During the process of evolving and integrating we will inevitably find ourselves in moments of painful deconstruction and radical honesty about the disconnected ways we've been operating.  As we come into contact with parts of ourselves that we have exiled, judged and pushed away we will likely feel a wide range of emotions.

We Need a Flashlight & Compassionate Allies: It helps to have a compass that orients and reminds as to why we are digging in the dark.  As we bump around in the shadows, we need a flashlight and fiercely compassionate allies who support us to reveal our blind spots and remind us that we are not these adaptive strategies and behaviors we are something that includes and expands far beyond them.

Hidden Powers Revealed: Acclimation to the altitude of this unpredictable terrain often reveals our hidden powers. It also may yield the fruition of a shift from self-preservation survival into evolutionary thriving.

Integrative Leadership Coaching

Befriending Shadows: Integrate Hidden Powers:

⦿ Tap into your potential by embracing your shadows as a pathway of embodiment and integration of Self

⦿ Resolve the inner and outer war of dualism and separation

⦿ Embrace exiled aspects of self from separation and back into wholeness

⦿ Act with courage to befriend the unknown: Taking courageous leaps into the unknown while uncertainty, fear, anxiety, doubt, worry, overwhelm, confusion and stress tug at your shirttail

⦿ Embrace conscious erotic intelligence as the life force of creation, nnovation and connection

⦿ Know your animal body as fuel for self-compassion and the embodiment of desire, love and the primal creative life force energy of who you are

⦿ Reveal unconscious strategies to get your needs met so the shadow of manipulation can be seen and embrace

My Approach

I work intuitively and strategically.  Together we map out a vision for how you want to grow as a leader.

360 Degree Feedback for Executives

One of the tools that I have vetted and chosen to use for immersive executive development is the leadership circle profile 360 assessment.

When appropriate, this integrative and dynamic tool supports leadership assessment from a 360 review.  The process gathers insights from those you report to (when this applies) your direct reports, colleagues, other contributors that know you well and your own self-assessment. 

The map provides us with a sense of how your gifts are leveraging your leadership contributions for you and the organization.  As well as how outdated protective strategies are limiting your potential and inspiring influence. From here we chose targeted areas for your leadership development and personal transformation. 

For more information on the tool, please visit

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