Integrative leadership retreats and trainings

Integrative Leadership Retreats



With the increasing speed of life, incoming information, stacked responsibilities and demands on our attention and time, it's more common than ever for an internal restlessness to build within most of us. 

Retreats allow us to step away from the habits of life and they provide us a much needed 'pause,’ time to integrate, evaluate, and reconnect with deeper aspects of ourselves that get pushed behind the scenes in daily busyness. 

Immersive experiences are often our only lifeline to create the stillness, introspection, and clarity needed to step through a stuck spot or into the next threshold of change and up-leveling we are ready for.

Integrative leadership retreats and trainings

Customized Retreats & Immersions:

  1. Primal Leadership Residential Retreat: 3-night retreat

  2. Primal Leadership Immersion: 6-months of coaching with a 3-night residential retreat

The Process:

Each retreat is a co-creation with you.  I will guide you through an assessment to clarify your needs, challenges, desires and intentions.  We will map what emerges through our conversations into a retreat design and roadmap to support your desired outcomes.

Retreats have infinite possibility of design and focus. A few options are:

  • Exploring a particular question about your life or business vision

  • Descend and integrate mind into heart and into ground of being more fully

  • Focus on self-awareness and raising your levels of consciousness

  • Rediscovering channels of wisdom you have left behind in a world focused heavily on intellect and doing

  • Upgrade aspects of how you're operating that no longer serve you

  • Reveal and befriend shadows that keep you in boxes (shame, defensive patterns, etc.)

  • Dive into places you feel stuck, lost or alone

  • Receive partnership to conceptualize a vision for your life or business that needs articulation, structure, and a plan to bring it alive

  • Shift your corporate culture with the support of a guide and partner to draw out your vision and support you to map a strategy and implement plan

  • Focus on power dynamics, relationship building, and communication skills

Our process begins with a customized assessment to determine what is most alive for you and to design an experience that will serve you to access clarity, insight, and the change or remembering that you're seeking.We

4 Step Framework

Together we move through the following:

  1. Vision And Purpose: I will lead an in-depth discovery process with you to determine your retreat objectives by discussing needs, desires, and challenges. 

  2. Design A Retreat Map:  I will provide an initial menu of options for our retreat process, get your feedback and then take the lead to design a retreat to serve your goals.

  3. Attend A Retreat: We will meet at a neutral location away from your familiar life allowing your daily responsibilities to rest while you are guided through a process that is focused on your growth and self-discovery.  By the end of the retreat we'll have co-designed a roadmap that builds a integration bridge from your retreat insights into your daily life.

  4. Retreat Integration:  Once you're back in your daily life I will support you to integrate your insights, vision and desired goals into action. 

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