Organizational development consulting

Organizational Development Consulting

As integrated and conscious leaders continue to expand on the planet what has followed is an emergence of wisdom-based organizational cultures and systems.

Savvy business artistry is expressed through an organization’s capacity to navigate the unknown while also apprenticing to structure and planning.  Holding the tension between clear vision and surrender at the same time is embodied creative genius.

Creating an envisioned future as an organization, whether it’s internal with leadership and culture, or external with a product or service, requires both a pragmatic and adaptable approach. Obstacles that 'interfere' with well-crafted plans doesn't necessarily mean failure it could simply be expanding the potential to go beyond what the mind imagined. The power of innovation requires presence and surrender.

Organizational development consulting

The Goal

I support leaders and organizations to:

  • Identify an envisioned future of the business, culture, or operational redesign

  • Assess the practices and principles that will leverage this envisioned future

  • Uncover the issues that are distracting or derailing the stakeholders from realizing the desired success

The Process

Our process begins with a customized assessment to determine the organization, culture, and leadership needs.  

3 Step Framework

Together we move through the following:

  1. Vision And Purpose: Conduct an assessment of your vision, organizational needs, and project scope

  2. Curate A Strategic Plan: Based on the vision and project scope we design a strategic plan to take you into your envisioned future

  3. Design The Implementation Process: Build a step-by-step roadmap to serve the execution of your strategic plan and organizational vision

The Practical skills I provide:

⦿ Executive Coaching:

  1. Ongoing support and accountability to maintain focus on vision and remove roadblocks

  2. Facilitate teams and leaders to optimize business practices and to model the espoused organizational culture

  3. For additional executive coaching benefits, see Integrative Leadership Coaching.

⦿ Strategic Visioning: I serve you and your organization as a strategic thinker, contributor, and guide

⦿ Organizational Culture Design and Integration: I help you design and implement mindfulness-based cultures of authenticity and stress management

⦿ Operations and System Re-engineering:

  • Systems Analysis and Design

  • Process improvement analysis and redesign

  • Project management

⦿ Succession Planning: We explore strategy and concrete next steps for your organization’s health beyond your leadership as well as celebrate your personal legacy and determine your desired next steps

  • What is your leadership legacy beyond you or the current design?

  • Are you mentoring and readying your next successor?

  • What is your vision for your next season of life if you want to transition away from the daily running of your organization?  

⦿ Build a sustainable business culture: I support you to build wisdom-led cultures that empower each individual to contribute their unique expressions of wisdom and creativity for innovation and collective transformation.

⦿ Authentic Communication: I support you to find the means to communicate appreciation, challenges, and needs with directness and authenticity. I assist you in the skill building that fosters connection and trust.

⦿ Repair and Resolution Skills: I guide you through the important conversations that appear loaded and difficult when conflict occurs and different needs, expectations, communication styles, and fears come to the table. Together we explore the conflict and communication breakdowns you’re experiencing to reveal the key concerns and issues.  

⦿ Additional areas of support:

  • Customized Organizational Training and Retreats

  • Operations

  • Human resources

  • Executive and Team Coaching

  • Writing/Communication

  • Exploring power dynamics


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