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Transitions: The Seeds of Grasping and Trusting

How do we respond to the uncertainties of life?  What happens when we find ourselves in the middle...

Meeting Our Aloneness

  Have you noticed that loss, change and transitions invite the opportunity to drop the veils...

How To Lead As A Samurai

To travel the terrain of an authentic leader requires a level of listening, witnessing and an...

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Four Gateways to Unlock Suffering


What does it mean to be an integrated human? As humans we are incredibly resilient creatures with...

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Anger…Suppress or Express?


Anger is something that everyone experiences, at one level or another, and it needs to be expressed...

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Facing Fear- The Courage to Swim Upstream


How does the journey of wild salmon reflect the path of living an authentic life? The journey of...

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Trapped in the System?


People are experiencing burn-out and feelings of uncertainty about how to break out of systems that...

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