Integrative leadership coach

Anne-Marie Marron

I have worked parallel to top executives, and seen firsthand what drives a typical business leader. I have led teams, cultures and clients through multiple types of transitions and times of conflict and chaos.  

I served many years as a bridge assisting technical teams and executive teams to understand one another and create together. I have supported numerous organizations to establish collaborative cultures, optimize operations and launch successful products and services.

I have a MBA and over 25 years of business experience in leadership roles and as an organizational consultant focused on creating integrity-driven business cultures. I have participated in three start-up companies and have started my own business.

Whether I am facilitating a group session, designing and delivering an organizational retreat or exploring with an individual, I guide you to unlock keys to deeper embodiment of wisdom, clarity and integration.

For more on my credentials in the areas of business, neuroscience and embodied-based approaches, please see below. 

  • Credentials

    I am professionally certified in multiple mind-body modalities, project management, conflict resolution, restorative justice conflict facilitation, HeartMath’s “Resilience Advantage Stress Reduction” training and I have been a long time mindfulness practitioner including meditation and other practices that support me to live an authentic life.

    Bachelors of Arts: Speech Communication, San Diego State University
    Masters of Business Administration, Loyola University Chicago

    Somatica Method: A mindfulness based sexuality and relationship based coaching method, San Francisco, California
    Mediation & Dispute Resolution, CDR Associates, Boulder, Colorado
    Restorative Justice Mediation Facilitation, Longmont Restorative Justice Partnership, Colorado
    Project Management, Loyola University Chicago
    Authentic Leadership and Coaching, Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado
    Professional Executive Coaching, IPEC Coaching
    Heartmath Resilience Advantage Facilitator and Trainer: A neuroscience approach to self-awareness, stress management and rewiring the brain” Boulder Creek, California
    The Hakomi Method: A body-mind oriented coaching approach, Boulder, Colorado
    Leadership trainings with the Strozzi Leadership Institute (based on the principles of Aikido), Petaluma, California
    A self-study and avid connoisseur of all things mind-body, neurobiology, neuropsychology, mindfulness-based and the wisdom of the natural world related

I have also experienced the chaos of a life spent out of alignment. After leaving my corporate life I encountered a long and mysterious illness. During this time, I embarked on a self-discovery process to discover a different, deeper, and more authentic type of living.

Bridging Business Education and self-awarness and embodiment

My diverse background has created a unique skillset that enables me to bridge the gap between pragmatic business strategies with self-awareness and a holistic approach to being a leader.

Bridging my business education and professional experience with many years of studying mindfulness, psychology, neuroscience and the human condition, I understand the powerful impact that self-awareness has on our relationships, work and family/business systems. From my perspective, everyone is a leader and has the capacity to influence and ignite healthy change for themselves and our world.  The greatest gift we give ourselves, and offer to others, is to become more aware and compassionate.

My Approach

I am personally committed to revealing the wisdom that moves through me, upgrading my operating system, managing my reactive tendencies and embracing the compassion and love that live within.

I’m not perfect and I am devoted to an ever-evolving process myself. I extend my life experiences, training's and passion to support you to reveal your own reservoir of wisdom and purpose.  To support you to:

  • Be a wild-hearted primal leader whose presence and power ignites flames of passion, connection, and cooperation

  • Operate a business and build an organizational culture in which you thrive and change the world to be a place with more compassion, acceptance, and mirroring of the good within each of us by embracing all parts of who we are without shame, suppression, or denial

An integrative leader is the biggest change agent on the planet. This is what I commit to living every day of my life and even when I fail miserably I learn, I evolve, and I open further.

Building A Tribe Primal Leaders: We need one another to see our blind spots, celebrate our gifts and stay steady when we want to resist or collapse. As a fellow traveler, I accompany you through deep introspection so you can meet what you consciously or unconsciously avoid which opens doorways to all sorts of innovative and unknown potential.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
And as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.

— Marianne Williamson

My Personal Journey

Leadership and power has been a passion of mine since I was young.  Not because I felt inspired by the leaders and their use of power but because I felt disillusioned.  I knew there had to be another way of engaging with power dynamics that was based on connection, inclusion, and respect rather than reactivity, control, and self-appointed ownership.

Early in my career as a business consultant in Chicago I saw first hand how much drama, pain and injury was created in the systems where untrained minds and leaders reigned.  I felt like I was dying inside and felt trapped in these systems. I didn’t realize until later that I was actually also trapped in my own untrained mind and disconnection from my body and being.  I primarily oriented towards the world through my fears and the strategies I developed to control my fears, protect my vulnerability and avoid uncertainty.  I looked externally for recognition of my value rather than building a foundation of knowing my essential Self from the inside out.

I took a month long leave of absence to dodge the skid marks of burn out and went into retreat.  By the time I returned to the city and my corporate life my whole life began to reinvent itself for me. I didn't have to figure anything out.  I just had to follow the next most obvious step of leaving my career, home and community to follow this unknown call.   It required me to make incredibly scary and courageous choices to leave everything I knew and nose-dive into the unknown. I rented my home and moved from Chicago to Boulder, Colorado to slow down, connect with nature, train my mind and make contact to my sense of self beyond all of my roles and self-images.  

It required me to make incredibly scary and courageous choices to leave everything I knew and nose-dive into the unknown.

Within months, I fell into a mysterious illness that lasted for over 6 years. Excessive medical tests continued to leave me without a diagnosis or prescribed pathway through. I had to surrender, which was one of the most excruciating and disorienting times of my life. I had no answers. I felt broken. I had no way to fix it. I felt isolated and alone as I watched my colleagues and friends advance in their careers and start having families.

I moved to the mountains of Santa Cruz and dove even more deeply into my meditation practice, studied various mind-body modalities and I became my own science experiment by studying human suffering patterns through my direct experience. 

I wouldn’t have sought out a situation in which I chose to study the dynamics of human suffering through my own mysterious illness and deconstruction of my egoic identifications.  The invitation to break down the ways I was keeping myself a prisoner with an untrained mind and survival-based strategies of fear and shame was true liberation. The fruition is that I am present and truthful with myself about my immediate experiences and my reactions of grasping or aversion towards them.

I received gifts from the land where I lived.  The wild creatures who roamed the property, and the spirits of this sacred land, fiercely and gently taught me the ways of the shaman.

I lived off of my savings focusing exclusively on deconstructing layer after layer of culturally inherited ideas of who I was, who I needed to be and the life I thought I was supposed to be living. I sat in silent meditation retreats multiple times a year with a spiritual teacher and apprenticed to learning what was beyond the noise, fear, and controlling patterns of the mind.  I didn’t want the isolation or days in excruciating pain lying in bed alone. Yet, it was what was before me, day after day, month after month.

Finally I accepted this hand I’d been dealt and went even deeper. This ‘obstacle’ became one of my greatest initiations. I received the most precious gift of discovering a path to my authentic life; a reunion with space, presence of being and surrender. This was the pathway to greater wisdom, peace and compassion for myself and all of life.

The invitation to break down the ways I was keeping myself a prisoner with an untrained mind and survival-based strategies of fear and shame was true liberation.


integrating: Returning from the cave 

After years of this deep immersion into the silence, mind-body training and nature I reemerged with a desire to help others see beyond the matrix of fear-based suffering and to remember that beyond all the ego patterns of mind and body we are Love.

Since that time I’ve continued to integrate those long hours of meditation and silence into how I move in the world every day including my reentry into the corporate environment professionally as a consultant and coach.

My life is a moving meditation with the intention of being present, witnessing my mind and emotional patterns, exploring power dynamics and what drives them, and welcoming all part of myself (the gifts and the shadows).

Every day I explore:

What are my reactive triggers and how do I know they are here?

How present can I be with my own emotions, thoughts and mental patterns that create disconnection from myself and others?

In essence, I apprentice to the wild, passionate and reactive nature of this human design to honor the gifts of this primal animal within.

Along my path, I have also deepened into the study of power dynamics, working directly with embracing my own shadows, which I define as areas in myself or others that I disapprove of or judge. In essence, ways that I still create separation and disconnection. I continue to scour for each nuanced place inside where I carry shame or withhold love, power, beauty and presence.