Conscious leadership coaching

Words alone do not do justice to the gift that is Anne-Marie Marron.  

She is exquisitely attuned and superordinately compassionate — fearless even unto the furthest and deepest ranges of life.

She is a fierce defender of truth — calmly ever-present even in the face of high-stakes peril.

She is able to perceive underneath the veil of being – truth all the way down to the bones — with precision, insight, and tact.

She flows easily in the world of paradox:  business and higher purpose, humility and leadership, shadow and light, primal and sublime.

I trust her to do ever the right thing, be in the right place — all the way into even the deepest of felt knowing.

She is one of the most skillful and talented practitioners that I know.

She is the light in the room that always knows the way home.

— Albert Wong, Ph.D., San Francisco, CaliforniA

Director of Somatic Psychology, John F. Kennedy University
Somatopia, Creating an Embodied World,

I work in mergers and acquisitions and can get lost in the details of hard headed negotiations and making deals. I can forget to be human.  

Anne-Marie has helped me to see that avoiding my vulnerability has been a deficit in my leadership and sense of fulfillment, not an asset.

She has helped me to bring more of myself to the office, clients and home to my family.  The ROI of working with her is evident by the quality and quantity of negotiations and deals I close.

But what’s more important is the quality of connection I have with myself, business associates and my family. I didn’t know there was another way to be.  I didn’t know that I could be both successful and less controlling and stressed.

When I die, I will know that my life has been impactful and meaningful and I’m not sure I would have been able to say that prior to my work with Anne-Marie.

She opened my eyes in ways I didn’t even know I was blind.  And, she does it in such a compassionate and fierce way that I never knew what hit me and my defenses can’t fight back. She’s my Jedi teacher. I’m forever grateful.

— Steve S, Silicon Valley, CA

Anne-Marie is our Corporate Shaman. 

Anne-Marie is a arrow shot of clarity. She sees things that are happening at a systemic level that no one on our leadership team seems to notice (there are 20 of us in total). Then she masterfully helps us to acknowledge and own the paradoxes we inadvertently create.  She guides us to employ tools and engage in conversations that close the gaps and course correct back into flow and out of downward spirals. 

She’s our steady rudder in the storms of running a business and remaining human, open, honest and aligned with our vision and purpose. 

— William C. Mueller, London, England 

Conscious leadership coaching

When hiring an "executive coach," I didn't know exactly what I was asking for.  I thought it was someone who helped me make decisions for the firm. Boy, was I right...and WRONG!  

What I received in Anne-Marie was something I could not have foreseen.

From a leadership perspective, she has opened my eyes to leading from within myself vs. someone who I thought I needed to be.  

Through being authentic, transparent, a "learner", and especially vulnerable with myself and my teammates, I have felt more at peace and a sense of freedom to lead this firm.

Anne-Marie has brought a lot to the table around organization, mind maps, timelines, deadlines, clear goal setting, and accountability which we were gravely missing.  She didn't force her own style, but rather adapted her principles and approach to our style. Anne-Marie has not only helped me make sound strategic decisions, walking me through a step-by-step, extremely organized thought out approach that made sense, but has also helped others in the organization with their own growth and development as members of our team.

In addition to leadership, she has helped us shape the overall culture of our organization by opening our eyes to a new way of thinking.  

Enough with the old top-down totalitarian approach, and in with the new open-minded, collaborative environment. What was the result? Employees that are heard which builds loyalty.  Decisions that everyone contributes to and plays a role in which builds camaraderie. Communication and feedback within team members which fosters connection. Mindfulness techniques that help us be more aware of our presence and how we show up.  She gave us tools to use in our daily lives (in and out of the office) that help us be better people.

She is a household name at our firm, and continues to make me feel like we're her only client.

— James Joseph, Washington, DC

President, Financial Services Advisory

If you need a personal coach with business experience, Anne-Marie is an investment in you.  Anne-Marie’s invaluable experiences helped me open the door to begin a process of “personal upgrades” that embodies the essential tools like self-awareness, feedback and compassion.  

A journey of continually enhancing relationships of trust and connection at home, work and community. For me, Anne-Marie’s coaching is a life changing experience.  

Start where you are. You are never too old to start. The outcome is a journey of enhancing relationships of trust and connection within our home, office and community.

Software upgrades are common occurrences today. Why not begin a journey of “personal upgrade”?  

Anne-Marie’s invaluable business and life experiences helped me embody and enhance the essential tools of self-awareness, compassion and feedback central to building relationships of connection and trust.  

We are never too old for an upgrade. My only regret, I didn’t start this journey sooner.

If it’s time for you to embark on a journey of personal growth and expand your relationships of connection and trust,  Anne-Marie is the coach for you.

For me, this new journey of increasing self-awareness and welcoming ongoing feedback has opened a new relational universe for me.  

— D. Petersen, Washington, Dc

Authentic leadership

Anne-Marie is a gifted coach, who holds an exquisitely compassionate space for profound shifts and wisdom to emerge.

In our work together I have been opened to embracing my feminine power more fully in my life and in my work. Our coaching journey took us not only into explorations in the emotional, mental, relational and spiritual realms, but also into unwinding old patterns of shame and conditioning in the erotic realm. I had been unconscious that my early erotic conditioning, held in my body, was impacting and limiting my fuller expression.

To me, this more expansive, holistic coaching focus sets Anne-Marie apart from most coaches. Her sensitive, attuned, playful and insightful presence guided me through some challenging spaces to a deep sense of freedom and empowerment.

Her skill in facilitating deep conversation as well as experiential exercises is profound and revolutionary.  I find myself more peaceful, self-compassionate, self-loving and ever more courageous and authentic in my own leadership as a result of our work together.

— Sandra, Boulder, Co

Conscious leadership coaching

Anne-Marie is caring, sensitive and has the rare gift of designing her personal and professional life to “walk her talk” and express her authentic self. 

In her work with organizations and cultures she values the integration of People, Process, Systems and Task/Project Management. Her big heart, values, integrity and deep desire to contribute to those she serves makes her a valuable asset for any team or community.

— Greg Cortopassi, Boulder, Co

President, Launch Your Dreams

Conscious leadership training

I can’t speak highly enough of how much Anne-Marie has helped me grow and the countless tools she has added to my toolbox.  

There are many things I could share about my work with her, but if I had to pick just one… The first thing that comes to mind, and probably the most incredible for me, is that she made me aware of a God-given gift I have (which I suspected but was more comfortable ignoring) and has given me the courage to trust it which has helped me to make better connections with others.

— Kim Donohue, Germantown, MD

Conscious leadership training

It’s almost impossible for me to talk about my work, what I’m involved in and my role, without mentioning Anne-Marie.

I often get asked by friends and other professionals why we choose to use a leadership coach at my firm and what value Anne-Marie brings; it’s hard to put into words the impact Anne-Marie has had on me and my career, but it’s invaluable.

Through her coaching, she’s helped me navigate from being a new support advisor to a lead advisor managing several people. She’s helped me to become more self-aware and more aware of the reactions/tendencies/emotions of those around me to better communicate and have tough conversations where both sides feel heard and supported.

She’s helped breed deeper connections at the office which has created an environment for people to be open and honest and in the end work better together.

She consistently helps with problem solving by getting to the root of the issue and helping us to think strategically to solve for it.

What has surprised me most about working with Anne-Marie is that it hasn’t stayed within the walls of my office, my work with her has flowed into my personal life as well.

She’s helped me in living my most authentic life, in being ok with uncertainty, and in helping to change auto responses that I’ve had for years…all without any judgement.

— Kim Scott, Washington DC

I had the opportunity to work with Anne-Marie during a time of emotional hardship in my life. The moment I walked into her office, I instantly felt like I could trust her.

During our session, I was introduced to new techniques, concepts I was unfamiliar with and more importantly, she listened with an open heart and without judgement.

Her ability to help uncover deep wounds while communicating with so much empathy is a rare gift. I am so fortunate to have worked with her.

— Eric, Ottawa, Canada

One Tree Cleaning,

Conscious leadership training

 Anne-Marie has an extraordinary gift of insightful perception.

She openly listens and intuitively has the ability to reflect back with amazing awareness. Her heartfelt compassion and perceptive words of wisdom have been key elements in helping me to define underlying beliefs or patterns presently operating within my consciousness. Having the opportunity to work with and be guided by Anne-Marie on this portion of my journey in life has truly been a gift in immense gratitude. 

— Cathy Thomsen, Los Angeles, CA

Conscious leadership training

Anne-Marie is extraordinary! She's one of the most well-attuned, empathic, sincere and skillful practitioners I've ever worked with, and one of the most courageous human beings.

When you're walking a challenging road, you need help from someone who doesn't shirk their own journey, and Anne-Marie is that person.

She offers guidance for all the facets of your process — claiming your power, embracing your purpose, unfolding into the profound depths of your spirit and your erotic nature — and on all of those fronts, she is a passionate and brilliant explorer and trailblazer. 

— Ruth L. Schwartz, ph. d., Oakland, CA,

Author of Soul on Earth: A Guide to Living & Loving Your Human Life

In the four years that we have worked with Anne-Marie, she has become an invaluable member of our leadership team and indeed, the whole office.

She does an excellent job of synthesizing the soft attributes of mindfulness with the hard science of brain functioning — a blending of art and science.

At one point we were doing some visioning work for the firm. Even though she did not know the intricacies of our business, she was effective at taking a data dump of thoughts and ideas and getting them synthesized in a way that helped bring out the essential elements that would later form the backbone of our firm vision.

For me personally, Anne-Marie has been invaluable in helping me decide how to approach my team members to support them in their work, encouraging them when they need it and course correcting when needed.

She didn’t try to get me to fit into one mold of leader, but encouraged me to stay true to my core values and style.

— RJR, Washington, DC

Anne-Marie helped me realize that my efforts to seem like a strong leader were feeble attempts to hide my fears and insecurities.  

She showed me that it takes true strength to be authentic and vulnerable and those qualities are what makes an effective and inspiring leader.  

She encouraged me to bring my true self out of hiding and create a roadmap for living and leading from a place of love and strength.

— Brooke Bors, Washington, DC

Conscious leadership training

I would like to thank you for everything you have helped me accomplish.

My life has significantly changed as a result of your coaching.

I see all the good things that I can do and I am truly happy. Life is so much easier when I know that everything I want is coming, so I can relax, keep doing what I have been doing and trust that I will be okay. I want you to know that you are an incredible teacher and mentor and your coaching has changed my life. I know your goal is to make an impact on other people’s lives, and your coaching and help had changed mine. 

— Myles H. Smith, Atlanta, Ga

Anne-Marie has made a tremendous impact on my life since I first started working with her three years ago.  She first helped me realize my passion, then guided me to pursue it, making it the most pivotal moment and decision in my career to date.

Without her, I wouldn’t have discovered the authentic leader within me, which I am most grateful for.

— Paul Bucknor, Baltimore, MD

Conscious leadership training

Working with Anne-Marie is one of the highlights of my week.

The space she holds is full of everything I need: a completely nourishing sense of safety; unlimited, unrestricted permission to explore and express; a space which just naturally generates insight, a deep sense of being known, and playful connection galore.

Finally, I would like to thank the ingenious people who created Skype, allowing us to meet face to face each week even though we live thousands of miles apart.

— Elloa Barbour, Shoreham-by-Sea, England

Conscious leadership training

Anne-Marie is the most genuine person I have ever known.

My life has changed for the better in the past 5+ years I’ve worked with her. She has greatly helped me learn to navigate through the sometimes choppy waves of life without letting myself be dragged under.

She has helped me realize that it’s okay to be vulnerable and authentic which has enabled me to make stronger connections with the people I care about.

She has also encouraged me to find my voice and feel heard, not just at work but also in my personal life. I am so grateful for her guidance and support; I am a better person because of her!

— Jamie Leggieri, Rockville, Md

Conscious leadership coaching

I can be utterly honest with Anne-Marie because of who she is and where she allows our conversations to go – this is the difference she brings to coaching relationships.

There’s a freedom to say anything because I trust her fully, and she embraces delving as far into the past as I want to go, while helping me solve practical business challenges of the moment.

There are coaches who prefer not to go there, but Anne-Marie knows it is essential if we are to really understand who we are as individuals and leaders.

I am more tuned in to my emotional trigger points and understanding why they exist, and less judging of myself for having them.

With Anne-Marie’s guidance I have a game plan and like where I’m headed.

— Rachel Klein-Kircher, Washington, DC

Integrative coaching

My sessions with Anne-Marie have been extremely transformative and freeing, leading me to places my soul has been calling for lifetimes.  

The depth at which she works and the tenderness in which she holds space, even via video conference, provide amazing guidance and a loving mirror.  

In a recent session I was led gently into the heart of my shame around sexuality and spirituality. I came out the other end in full body bliss and a window into just how powerful and joyful I am!  

Anne Marie has helped me to deeply accept myself, and to love myself as me so that I can give that love fully to others!

Thank you for your incredible perception, attunement and dedication. I feel totally met and seen by you.

— Zoey Wren, Nelson, Canada

Relationship and Intimacy Coach, Sacred Sound and Movement Artist

Conscious leadership coaching

I have worked closely with Anne-Marie since early 2015, in two capacities.  The first capacity was in team coaching, where my colleague at the time, and I were being groomed and positioned to take over the leadership of the organization in 2016, from the founder, and his partners of 30 years.  The second capacity was one-on-one leadership and personal development coaching with Anne-Marie.

I would eventually become the President in late 2016 along with him being the CFO. We had worked together for over 15 years, and had a good relationship, however it needed to be much better, and more candid, with greater clarity and conviction for truth-telling, and not getting upset or taking things personally.  

We needed to find a new and more evolved method for moving our culture from a command and control style of leading, to one of trust, heart, and confidence in our people.

As you can imagine, there were many challenges, and barriers we had to first identify, and then commit to moving forward on, both as a team and within ourselves as leaders, and as the trailblazers for the new and improved culture we believed in and we knew when in place, would position our people to unleash their fullest potential and ability to grow.  

And to throw a small wrinkle into the mix on top of all of this, the company was unexpectedly sold to new ownership right as I was taking over as President.

The support that I received from Anne-Marie, during these fast and ever-changing 20 months, were some of the most caring, and courageous levels of partnership and support that I have ever experienced from a partner and consultant.

Anne-Marie was right there, for each step, without judgement, concern, and never allowing me to waiver in the confidence I needed to break through.  

One of the ways my growth has been the most inspiring and influential is the connection of the heart and mind, through guided meditation and writing.

Anne-Marie was masterful in her facilitation and support of getting me to go deeper inside myself for the answers and insights I desperately needed.

This practice brought me to a new way of living, and leading at work and in my life, and has had a ripple effect on so many others, including my wife and my family.

It is clear to me that having partnered with Anne-Marie for the past three plus years, as my executive coach and strategic sounding board, she has played a major role in my effectiveness to lead the company to two of the strongest performance years ever, in our 30 plus year history.  

In addition to that, I have changed the lives of so many of our employees, by encouraging them to lead and live from their heart, while raising their standards, and awareness of the potential each one of them has, and creating a culture and environment where it is possible to do what it takes to unleash it. This has been great for our business as well as the lives of your employees, their families and anyone they are come in contact with, including our clients.

I recommend Anne-Marie for leaders who are ready to achieve the greatest success and fulfillment possible in life, while also driving significant improvements in or with their business.

My partnership with Anne-Marie, supported me in finding my purpose and passion to lead from the heart, and to believe in something bigger and better than what I was always told, and was lead to believe was possible. I am grateful and continued to be inspired and supported to be great, and do great for myself, and all of those people who I lead and love.

— Benjamin Harris, Vienna, VA

President, Production Solutions, Inc.

Conscious leadership coaching

Anne-Marie, the cornerstone of working with you is your ruthless love, the depth of your being and the space you create in session.

As you bring your full self to bear on my life, I feel held, supported and empowered to find my truth. Your naming of what is present, your offer to meet me, clarify and organize what is discovered, empowers me to live a deeper truth rather than just think or talk about it.

Your gift is your presence, your offer of your total self, in service – illuminating what is… calling us forth in ways words alone cannot convey. The truth is self-evident. Your presence IS the portal which allows me to connect to the space in which clarity arises, love is felt – truth is seen. 

— Darrel Sonday, Boulder, Co

Conscious leadership coaching

I am new to the area and a friend referred me to Anne-Marie.

As we interacted, I was struck by the depth and accuracy of her intuition and how well she wove in her equally strong business acumen.

She is perceptive, analytical and excels at helping you find your way – however deep and dark the woods may be.

I highly recommend Anne-Marie as a business and/or life coach. 

— Trish Manthey, Boulder, Co 

Conscious leadership coaching

Anne-Marie supports me in my journey with conscious leadership. Her insights and guidance are clear and impactful.

I’ve been life coaching for years and even with my tool set I miss important lessons in my life that she is able to reveal.


— Brian Tsuchiya, Boulder, Co

CEO, StartUp Guru