All of you is Welcome Here…

The German root to the word friendship translates into, “Place of High Safety.” My intention is to be an accepting and trustworthy space for your wisdom, fears, reactivity and heart to reveal the fullness of who you are. And, to reveal how your presence of being wants to create, connect and inspire in the world.

Who is This For?

I work with leaders who want to lead with presence and to model the way of an integrated and adaptable open-hearted leadership. I guide leaders to access a reservoir of wisdom and information that includes, and expands far beyond, our intellectual capacities.

The people who resonate the most with my approach are deeply devoted to personal evolution and growth. They are committed to looking under the hood to celebrate their superpowers and to investigate the kryptonite of  reactive patterns of protection.

They may initially come to me because they feel high levels of stress, they sense something else is possible but they don’t know how to get there and they want guidance and insight.They are ready to model a level of leadership that is in alignment with who they are, where they envision going, and to inspire other people and systems to grow and evolve with them.

In short, I guide leaders out of struggle and into flow. Out of blame and victimization and into empowerment; out of separation and into connection; into ownership and catalytic change agents of truth and compassion. Together, we design pragmatic road maps to support your personal leadership evolution as well as business goals and strategy that naturally emerge from your wisdom, passion and purpose.

Human struggle and inner conflict is a universal experience. In a myriad of ways we each protect our vulnerabilities against some basic sense of feeling separate and alone.

I see myself in every single person I meet. Each time I accept more aspects of myself my heart expands with compassion and love for others.

We’re all in this human experience together even though at times we feel more like adversaries than allies. We all have a unique journey of homecoming back to who we are beyond concepts and form.

Integrative & Relationship-Based coaching

We explore how you can bring more of your presence and superpowers into everything you do. Based on your goals and needs we focus on the areas of your business, leadership and personal life that feel impeded by challenges, outdated habits, perceptions and belief systems.

In relationship-based coaching, my intention is to explore relational dynamics that you’re struggling with at work and home through observing and co-exploring how they show up between us.  In a relationship lab we co-explore ways of operating in relationship when we are relaxed or when we’re stressed or feeling uncertain.

This approach creates a quality of connection that invites you to be ALL of who you are, even the parts that you judge, defend or protect. It also puts us in a more realistic dynamic of being equally human, gifted and vulnerable. I bring all of myself to you and drop the persona of needing to be ‘perfect’ myself. We play with how to give and receive reflections about impact with curiosity, compassion, connection and personal responsibility.  

My commitment to you

I am personally committed to my own process of authenticity and re-wilding myself out of self-imposed constraints, limiting beliefs and unnecessary boxes built by fear and protection. I extend my life experience, trainings and passion to support each of you to live a life in which you thrive and navigate the inevitable changes and obstacles that arise with trust, courage and confidence.


I’m committed to:

✔ Celebrating and co-discovering your unique leadership style and superpower gifts

✔ Offering you the experience that ALL of you is welcome especially the disowned and innocent strategies that create the results of pain and disconnection in your life.

✔ To show you that you’re not alone even when you feel that way. The way to healing and re-patterning old habits is to still feel loved and accepted even when we’re being messy humans.

✔ Co-discovering the unconscious ways you fall into reactive leadership defensives and leveraging these moments as choice points and opportunities for a more embodied and connected approach.

✔ Mining down to the root of a challenge rather than provide a superficial solution that will only be temporarily helpful.

✔ Creating a relationship lab together where we get to explore the dynamics of reactivity together with a lot of compassion and curiosity.

✔ Looking at my own contribution and role in our dynamic together so you can learn to trust your intuition and speak directly about your experience when something feels off.

Stay steady with you even if you want to push me away

✔ Bringing compassion that sometimes feels soft and sometimes feels fierce because I care most about you coming home to yourself and to a way of connecting with others that represents the depth of your vision and purpose beyond ‘shoulds’.