Our Daily Life is Our ‘Modern Day Monastery’


How we live models what we value

What we model influences the world

One person at a time.


Who is a Leader?

We are all leaders.  From executives, parents and teachers to the school bully, leaders of gangs and drug lords.

How is that possible?

Because every action we take, conscious or unconscious, influences those around us and elicits responses such as love, connectedness, creativity, entitlement, fear and rage.

Who is an Authentic Leader?

Authentic leaders are committed to the practice of staying present to what is true even when the stakes are high.

They challenge assumptions, beliefs and expectations that they hold as well as those of a culture, company or loved one.  This is not easy, especially if we feel we need to comply or blend in order to stay connected.

Authentic leaders bridge the gap between staying in the dark and initiating heart-centered conversations.  They explore the multiple ways ignoring the important conversations impacts their personal lives, work, relationships and the world at large.

Authentic Self, The Modern Day Pioneer

To consciously lead our lives requires a willingness to express our unique self even at the expense of not receiving approval, fitting in or even ‘failing’.

This path of expressing our uniqueness, and leading our lives in a genuine way, is the journey of the modern day pioneer.

Many of us are called to engage as authentic leaders in every aspect of our lives.

At times, it can feel disorienting and lonely on this path and yet we are called to risk everything to do it anyway.

It’s as if we have no choice.

We can no longer tolerate compartmentalizing any aspect of ourselves.

It is a time of integration (and liberation).

Conscious leadership training

It Begins with You

As an authentic leader, how do you engage with your life?

In a time when our external grasping for happiness continues to elude us, what do we turn to for true stability and freedom?

The journey home is through remembering our innate wholeness.  This ‘returning’ transforms the experience of feeling separate, the impulse to protect one’s beliefs and learning to work with the nature of the conditioned mind.

Exploring from the ‘inside-out’ is the key to most important human transformations: personal, relational, business, corporate and global.

The Modern Day ‘Monastery’ is in the Corporate Boardroom, our Bedrooms and our Daily Life Experiences

Traditionally the path of awakening was limited to monks and monasteries. Fortunately it has blossomed into areas such as corporations, intimate relationships, educational systems, family, friendship and community.

Through our direct engagement with life we are invited to practice remembering the essence of who we are.   It can be a bumpy ride so finding support through mindfulness practices and a like-minded/hearted tribe is a true gift.

The cornerstone of this transformational work is based on authentic conversations, vulnerability and an open heart to our genuine experience.

Once we are transparent with ourselves we translate these internal conversations into every aspect of our lives.

The invitation is available to each of us to awaken to the realization that we are part of the interconnected whole, the universal consciousness.

How do you navigate your own journey of being an authentic leader?

Where do you get caught in your own stories?

What are the beliefs that keep you from expressing yourself without compartmentalizing any aspect of who you are?