Conflict Resolution

As a neutral guide I help you to navigate difficult conversations and conflict between you and your business partners, intimate partner, teams, work cultures and communities. Those who come to me are invested in moving from conflict and confusion into resolution and cooperative solutions.

It’s natural, and often painful, for conflicting needs, expectations and agendas to lead to conflict and tension. As human beings with unique personalities, values and views of the world we are guaranteed to disagree and experience chaos or conflict in relationship. With a closer investigation we often find that what we each value is not as far off from one another as we think. However, in the heat of the moment, and through differing styles of communication, we feel like we’re holding opposite ends of the spectrum.

I am committed to guiding you through the important conversations that appear loaded and difficult.  Together we explore the conflict and communication breakdowns you’re experiencing to reveal the key concerns and issues.   Once all the parties concerns are brought to the table we begin to explore resolution.

It’s an art to learn how to collaborate with others who have different needs and views than ourselves.  We all have the capacity to confidently communicate our needs, especially when the stakes are high or we perceive a threat of loss or challenge and my role is to guide you through this process.

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Working with Chaos and Conflict

I guide teams in a non-confrontational manner to unlock your own keys to transformation and greater consciousness. These changes provide pragmatic and measurable results in the form of increased cohesiveness, efficient operations, productive teams, more transparent and authentic business cultures and personal relationships.

I help leaders cultivate an environment where chaos is a healthy catalyst for change and growth. The qualities of establishing effective systems, inspired cultures, creative solutions and increased client satisfaction directly correlates with a leader’s relationship to chaos and using it to fuel creative resolution and stronger connection with others. Together we investigate how to transform chaos into creativity rather than unconscious and destructive habits that erode connection and trust.

Common Conflict Experiences

  • Can you relate to the experience of engaging with a family member, intimate partner, in a business or community meeting and feeling the heat in your body rise along with a desire to turn away, speak sharply, judge or put them down in response to their view or need?

  • Maybe you’ve felt someone else judge you because your view was different?

  • How do you find common ground and relate creatively when your values, expectations and needs differ from another person or group?

  • How do you initiate and speak with an open-heart when conflict is being expressed indirectly and in passive and hurtful ways?

When the stakes and emotions are high it can be beneficial to include a neutral person who supports the parties to hear one another, feel heard and explore common ground to work together in a cooperative, respectful and productive way.

Conflict is a Natural Process

Conflict is a natural human experience and a powerful invitation to create safety, trust and intimacy with yourself and others.

When conflict is approached as an opportunity to engage in a creative dialogue and a collaborative resolution process it diffuses the natural human response to make someone else, or yourself, right or wrong.